Our track record

  • February 2018: FBM advises Willem II to deploy their defensive midfielder Lieftink and in particular to support the attack. For the next match against Roda JC, FBM advises Willem II to mainly attack Auassar because he is the weakest defender. Willem II follows through on both recommendations. On February 25, 2018, Willem II won 1-0 against Roda JC with an assist from Lieftink and an attack running over Auassar.
  • April 2018: FBM advises Heracles to get Dalmau and Konings. Heracles signs both players without paying a transfer fee. Dalmau becomes the number 3 top scorer in the Eredivisie in his first season. Konings is playing as expected at Heracles. In April 2018 we indicated that the replacement value of Dalmau after one season would be 1.75 million euros. In the summer of 2019, Dalmau transfers to FC Utrecht for 700,000 euros and Dessers (a player worth 1 million euro) transfers from FC Utrecht to Heracles.
  • January 2019: FBM advises on the replacement value of Fran Sol. Dynamo Kiev wants to buy Fran Sol from Willem II and offers 3 million euro. Public sources rate Fran Sol at 6 million euro. But FBM calculates that Fran Sol has a replacement value of 2 million for Willem II. Willem II accepts the offer from Dynamo Kiev.
  • March 2019: FBM advises FC Utrecht to get Cerny from Ajax. In the summer of 2019 FC Utrecht actually buys Cerny.
  • June 2019: FBM advises Anderlecht with a report that makes it clear that among all the different clubs that Sandler can choose from to play in the 19/20 season, Anderlecht is the best choice. In July 2019 Sandler actually chooses to play at Anderlecht.
  • June 2019: FBM does second opinions to an undisclosed European club. One of the players that we advised positively on was then actually signed.
  • June 2019: FBM advises an undisclosed European club on three different positions.
  • October 2019: FBM writes a report to help KV Kortrijk to convince the decision makers to hire Pape Habib Gueye. Pape Habib Gueye transfers to Kortrijk in january 2020.